Jack’s Five Best Experiences in 2021

Things To Do in Ireland

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out and to partake in some great experiences all around Ireland. Here are my best recommended Irish experiences you have to do in 2022.

My Best Irish Experiences this Year

Glencullen Adventure Park

Glencullen Adventure Park is an outdoor mountain biking centre based on Ballybrack Road in Glencullen, County Dublin. I had very little experience of this but was excited at the opportunity to go it a bash. The GAP caters to every rider.

The GAP has various different trails you and your friends can ride. The trails vary in difficulty starting with ‘green’ trails which would be for beginners to ‘black’ and ‘pro line’ trails that are for experts and professionals. GAP provides bikes, helmets limb guards or you can bring your own.

No need to bring a packed lunch too, GAP has the fantastic GAP Kitchen Café which provides you with all the food and energy you need for an extreme day of mountain biking.

Escape Boats

Just before the festivities began this year, the crew and I were invited out to challenge the Escape Boats on the grand canal dock. The Escape Boats is an escape room with a twist. Instead of the traditional format of being locked in a room for 60 minutes, you are trapped on a boat instead.

We took part in the SOS game which is a crew of two-six players who become trapped under the deck of Zorg Ella as it quickly sinks. Your mission is to restore the boat and escape, using your surroundings to gather information, crack codes and make your way to safety.

We managed to escape in 55 minutes, bet you can’t beat us!

DoDublin Open Top Bus Tour

The DoDublin Bus Tour is a hop-on, hop-off open-top bus tour run by Dublin Bus. I was given the opportunity to go and experience the tour early in November. The tours have been operating in Dublin since 1988 and are the number one Dublin bus tour. Growing up in Dublin, I was ashamed that I didn’t know about some of the deep histories Dublin had.

The Tour helps to open your eyes as you stop at each landmark as the commentary tells some history about your current destination and why it is so important to Dublin’s past. I was a big fan of the tour and will be recommending it to my international friends.

Things To Do in Ireland

Epic Musuem

I love history. It was always one of my favourite subjects growing up during school so when I was lucky enough to be invited out to the Irish Emigration Museum I was absolutely thrilled.

Located in the Custom House Quay building on the North Dock, The EPIC Museum is a must-do for visitors and locals looking to get a deeper knowledge of Ireland and what it means to be Irish. As you discover the story of our emigrants and how they changed and molded the world, you will realise that emigration is not about what people leave behind, but what they bring with them.

The Croke Park Skyline Tour

This one definitely isn’t for the fainthearted. The Croke Park Skyline tour, although its main attraction is being brought up high almost into the clouds, a rather unspoken treat of the tour is the amazing storytellers who bring you along the way. The storytellers are full of information about Dublin and some amazing stories that include the likes of Bob Geldof, U2 and even Bob Marley.

Included in the tour pass, you can have access to the GAA museum. Get ready to immerse yourself in the spine-tingling and completely unique story of Gaelic games from ancient times to the present day.


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