It’s the Weekend: Escape Boats, Grand Canal Dock

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This weekend, we’re looking at a game that requires sharpness, wit and great team working skills. Dublin’s Escape Boats can be found docked at Charlotte Quay Marina on the Grand Canal Dock.

Climb aboard the Zorg Ella, a Dutch ship built way back in 1916, for a unique take on the classic escape room model. The boat offers two different games – SOS and Convicts, each giving players 60 minutes to escape.

The games are designed for adults and players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. While players under 12 are welcome, they may find the games confusing.


Arrive with your crew of two-six players and prepare to become trapped under the deck of Zorg Ella as it quickly sinks. Your mission is to restore the boat and escape, using your surroundings to gather information, crack codes and make your way to safety.

This exhilarating game will challenge your critical thinking skills, requiring you to think outside the box and put your heads together as you work against the clock to find an escape route.

Unlike many escape room games, Escape Boats does not penalise players for using clues, and an intercom is readily accessible at each stage in the game should you need some guidance.


Embark on a unique role-playing adventure in the Zorg Ella’s second game, Convicts. This is one for players with a competitive streak, as you work in two separate teams to find an escape.

You are convicts, imprisoned on the ship and headed towards a lifetime sentence at a penal colony in Australia. Can your team find a way to escape and take over the ship before it departs?

Both teams can escape the ship, but only one will win.

Players under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult per team.


2 player game
3 player game
4 player game
5 player game
6-10 player game

€35 per person
€30 per person
€25 per person
€22 per person
€20 per person

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It’s important to note that Escape Boats takes place on a genuine refurbished ship and the spaces can be tight, with small passageways throughout. Some sections of the game also have loud and sudden immersive elements which some players may find stressful. For more information on health and safety precautions, please contact Escape Boats at [email protected].

Book your adventure and get your thinking caps at the ready – you’re going to need them.

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Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly
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