Ireland’s National Circus in Cork for a Christmas Special

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Who doesn’t love going to the circus? That big tent, amazing performers, colourful costumes and all those acts – from magical jugglers, hilarious clowns, daring aerial acrobats and full-of-energy trapeze artistes! Perhaps going to the circus is a part of everyone’s favourite childhood memories, no matter where we’re from. What do you say?

It’s certainly good news then that Ireland’s national circus, the Fossett’s Circus is going to be in Cork for the festive season. The Fossett’s Circus is a family affair that traces its story to 1870. As its origins go, it owes its beginnings to a man called George Lowe. George, whose family was from Fair Street, Mallow decided, (like many other young people in the world), that he had to run away to join the circus! The circus is a calling, and across the world, it calls out to many talented men and women. As they say, once you have lived and worked with a circus, everything else is so boring and mundane!

The Fossett’s Circus history, as well as the joys and challenges of being with a travelling circus have been covered by the RTE, but what is interesting this year is that the Christmas show takes its stage in Cork.

Their Christmas show is very popular and is usually held in Dublin. But for 2022, it will be running in Blackpool Retail Park from December 15 to January 8. Find all the details here, and if you’re intrigued about the interesting history of how this circus came to be.  

Fossett's Christmas Circus

We hope you relive your childhood memories, and also create newer ones when you set your date with Ireland’s beloved circus and also with Cork!

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