For Irish Ice Cream Cravings – Try a Scoop Of a Special Edition Launched in Galway

murphy's Special Edition Irish Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whether you like having one during the glorious days of summer or as the temperatures drop in winter, ice cream has the ability to cheer us up. Now if you’re looking for something particularly Irish, and something particularly festive as well, we have a little something for you.

Yesterday, Murphy’s Ice cream launched their new flavour, Micil Irish Cream ice cream. They collaborated with another fantastic Irish producer to create a flavour that is set to be a favourite. The two award-winning Irish producers (Murphy’s Ice cream and Micil’s Irish Cream Liqueur) came together to produce a creamy Christmas flavour. Micil’s Irish Cream Liqueur has just won Best Irish Cream at the 2022 World Liqueur Awards, and so this combination seems to be the one to look out for.

While they launched it at their Galway store, you can stop by at any of their shops for a taste of this limited-edition flavour.

the Irish Cram Liqueur bottle
Photograph credit: Murphy’s Ice cream official Instagram account

And since we are talking about ice creams, we have a question. Do you know that it was On St Patrick’s Day, 1956, that two Irish brothers William and James Conway, took out one of the first motorised ice-cream vans and they did so in Philadelphia? Or the fact that many Irish homes of yore with big estates and walled gardens had, what is known as the ‘Ice House’? You will still find these in estates that are conserved and restored to their former glory. These ice houses were the cold rooms of by-gone days which were used for keeping food in storage over time. They were located close to lakes and ponds where ice could be collected and used in the cooling process for food preservation. While these weren’t about storing ice creams per se, some of the wealthy families did preserve certain types of sweets and puddings there for their special parties and guests! Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you have a favourite ice cream story – do share!


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