Condé Nast Names the 15 Best Restaurants in Dublin; Have You Been to Any on the List?

A bowl of rice and fried fish/chicken from Nomo Ramen in Dublin

Dublin has gathered several accolades and mentions in the past year, and deservedly so. Its happening nightlife, and a vibrant food and drinking scene attracts travellers and holidaymakers from across the globe. Plus it has plenty of world-class hotels and restaurants to its name. In the past Condé Nast Traveller had declared Dublin as the best place to celebrate Christmas, and also had its say on Irish Hotels.

Now, it has come up with a list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Dublin, and it’s quite a statement in itself that the list includes restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. From Indian, Italian and more…

It was expected that Dublin’s two-Michelin-starred restaurants would make the list – Chapter One and Liath. But you would be curious to know the names of all the restaurants that made the roster, isn’t it?

Well, here you go:

  • Uno Mas
  • The Park Café
  • Bread 41
  • Mamó
  • Forest Avenue
  • PI Pizzas
  • Daddy’s Café
  • Chapter One
  • Nomo Ramen
  • Cavistons
  • Volpe Nera
  • Liath
  • Fish Shop
  • Bunsen
  • Pickle

Have you been to any of these? Some of them are very reasonable, and won’t cost you a lot at all. Personally, I am really inspired to try out Nomo Ramen, and Daddy’s Café. Pickle has always been on my list as well – but we never got around to make a booking.

What is it that you really fancy? Do let us know in comments.


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