Dublin in the Top 10 Favourite Cities for Beer Fans (But Of Course!)

colourful buildings and iconic street/s, pubs of Dublin

Not that it comes as any surprise, but Dublin has been named one of the 10 best European cities for beer fans to visit in 2023.

A US website Uproxx has put up a list, with craft beer experts and brewers naming their favourite cities to visit for a “beer-fuelled adventure”.

Uproxx Life’s Senior Drinks Writer Chris Osburn selected the Irish capital, praising it for its Guinness, craft breweries and “countless” pubs.

He is being quoted as saying that “clearly, the home of Guinness is a huge destination and worth the trip alone, but the city is also home to a ton of craft breweries like The Porterhouse Brewing CompanyRascals Brewing Company (grab some pizza while you’re there as well), and Dublin City Brewing. Add to that the countless bars and pubs serving up pints, fish and chips, and bangers and mash if you’re still on the fence about going to Dublin.

Dubliners, what do you say? Which are your favourite places to go to when it comes to beer?


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