Ulysses by James Joyce is 100 – Bloom’s Day in Dublin

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The publication of Ulysses, James Joyce’s story of one day, 16 June in Dublin in 1904 is 100 years old. To celebrate Bloom’s Day this year there are a wide range of activities, events, a garden party at Museum of Irish Literature, walks and talks around Dublin city this year.  

Ulysses by James Joyce is 100 – Bloom’s Day in Dublin

Leopold Bloom’s day began at 7 Eccles Street and after a substantial breakfast of the inner organs of beasts and fowls, saw him listening to the bells of St. George’s Church on Hardwick Place as he proceeded into the city. He passes the Rotunda Hospital at the top of O’Connell Street on his way to Bachelor’s Walk. 

Bloom’s destination is the Dillon auction house now the charming Winding Stair Bookshop, where he meets Dilly Daedalus. Crossing O’Connell Bridge, he stops to throw some cake to the seagulls, an eternal feature of Dublin city. 

Walking by the Bank of Ireland, formerly the House of Lords, he crosses over to walk through Trinity College. Leaving by the back gate he arrives at Swenys Pharmacy, the Victorian show is still there, and is now a Joyce Heritage Centre. You might even pick up a bar of lemon soap. 

Sauntering and Strolling Dublin

He walks under the entrance of the National Gallery on Merrion Square before popping into the National Maternity Hospital, in search of Mina Purefoy. 

Bloom now takes a walk in St. Stephen’s Green, here you will be retracing his exact steps. He then heads down Kildare Street, past the National Museum. At Molesworth and Dawson Street look out for the plaque that commemorates his journey with lines from Ulysses.

As you may have an appetite now, as did Bloom, the next stop is Davy Byrnes of Duke St, the “moral pub”, for a Gorgonzola sandwich and a glass of Burgundy. The journey then takes him to the upmarket Grafton Street and Bewley’s Oriental Café, an Edwardian treasure. 

There are many events on over the weekend of Bloom’s Day, see here. If you are visiting Dublin, do try and see some of them.

Where will you be having a Gorgonzola sandwich and a glass of Burgundy, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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