The Perfect Pint of Guinness – A Mystery Tour of Dublin 

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Since 1759 Dublin has been the home of the famous beer Guinness, known as the Black Stuff. The beer is still brewed at the original site in Dublin 8. True Guinness drinkers say that the perfect pint is the one you will get in the home city of the famous brew. Some say the closer to the brewery the better the pint is. 

The Perfect Pint of Guinness – A Mystery Tour of Dublin 

There are a number of pubs in Dublin that are famously proud of the pint they serve. On The Perfect Pint tour, you will get to discover four of them. They are all traditional pubs where you can expect atmosphere and authenticity, though they would never use those words. 

The idea for the Perfect Pint tour originated with two friends, David Beirne and Keith McGovern. For the past three years they had been mulling over a way to share their love of Guinness. David has a background in marketing and is from a former pub-owning family. Keith has a career in hospitality, mainly the bar trade.

Putting the idea into action involved a lot of research, including finding the perfect pubs to bring visitors to. As a regular poster of opinions on the best Guinness on Instagram, the @GuinnessAdvisor (34K+ followers) was consulted. The opinion is valued by the founders as there are more than 200 posts about pints of Guinness. The @GuinnessAdvisor will not be on the tours, preferring to remain anonymous but his input is respected.

A Mystery Tour

The idea evolved into a mystery tour of the pubs in search of the elusive, best pint. The tour will also take in some of the highlights of the city and give visitors a taste of Dublin. The destination pubs will be a secret but will include some long-standing classic places. Visitors can be sure that they will get four of the best pints of Guinness available in Dublin. The vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter bus that takes 14 in comfort for the 3.5 hour tour. 

Not only will visitors get the best pint of Guinness, but there will be atmosphere, stories, and Irish music. There will also be plenty of “craic”, which means fun in Irish. The tours will take place on Saturdays at present from 2.00 – 5.30pm and 6.30 – 10.00pm and cost €85 per person. Non-drinkers will be catered for. 

Larger groups and corporate events can be catered for too; up to 30 per outing. The tours begins on Saturday 21 May, for bookings see here.

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Joan Scales
Joan Scales
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