The Most Historical Room in Ireland: Dine in the Constitution Suite

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It is 100 years since the signing of the first Constitution for the new Irish State. In 1922, a group of men sat around an oak table in Room 112 in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. Over a number of months, they drafted the vital document that would become the first Constitution of Ireland, Bunreacht na hÉireann. 

Constitution Suite dining
The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

The Most Historical Room in Ireland – Dine in the Constitution Suite

The Constitution was drawn up to signal the birth of the Republic of Ireland. The room still exists, as does the oak table and chairs on which the signatories sat. The original Room 112 in the Shelbourne Hotel is now called The Constitution Suite. It is preserved as a tribute to the work of the signatories who laboured to bring about the founding of our State.

A gathering of solemn, passionate patriots sat around the great oak table. For hours and days, weeks, and months, they dreamed and debated the future of their newborn nation. It was only the beginning of a very long process, but it was a moment of undeniable optimism, hope and courage.

In 1922, there were only three copies made of the final document, one of which was given to The Shelbourne Hotel; and it is here in this room. The décor, art, design and images in the room reflect the importance of its history.

Constitution Suite dining
The signatories of the first Constitution of Ireland

The Constitution Dining Experience 

To celebrate the centenary of Ireland’s first Constitution, the Shelbourne Hotel is offering a unique private dining experience. Guests can book the Constitution Room for private dinners. The event will include a historical introduction, and musical accompaniment by a harpist. There will be a carefully designed menu, full of classic dishes chosen to reflect the era of the 1920s.

As a hub of business and social life in Dublin, The Shelbourne Hotel has almost two centuries of stories contained under its roof, and new chapters are being written every day. The hotel will celebrate its bicentenary in 2024.

The Constitution Dining Experience is available from the 1 March for groups of ten to twenty-four guests. Price €290 per person. For more information, please contact [email protected] 

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