Fabulous Dublin Cocktails for a Weekend Wind-Down

Dublin cocktail bars

The week has finally come to a close and it’s time to celebrate with a well-deserved drink. We’ve found some of Dublin’s best cocktails, so you can wind down and enjoy some quality time with friends over the weekend.

Fabulous Dublin Cocktails for a Weekend Wind-Down

The Lucky Duck, Aungier Street

The Lucky Duck on Aungier Street is in one of the fabulous protected buildings plotted by the esteemed Francis Aungier, Earl of Longford. The building radiates elegance from top to bottom, with plush furnishings and a fantastically vibrant cocktail menu.

With four spaces to enjoy – including the suave and sophisticated pub area and the colourful Digges Room and Clarke’s Bar – you can find a corner to grab a drink and sink into the comfort of your surroundings. Enjoy cocktails including the comically Irish ‘Your Wan’ and ‘Scarlet for Ya’.

Peruke & Periwig, Dawson Street

Peruke & Periwig is a comfortable and elegant spot to grab a drink. The ground floor bar invites guests in for a bite to eat or a fruity beverage – but the upstairs lounge is the real star of the show. Dressed in deep reds and extravagant fittings, this one’s sure to make you feel like royalty while you sip away.

With a music-inspired menu, categorised by genre, the cocktails are sure to leave a lasting impression. Pop in and try the ‘Jam-In’, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirits’ or ‘Daisy Daisy’. For a luxurious evening of drinks and great conversation, add this to the top of your list.

1824 Bar at The Shelbourne Hotel

The Shelbourne Hotel is the home of sophistication and history in Dublin, always promising a great time for visitors. 1824 Bar is the hotel’s newest addition, sitting right at the top of the grand staircase. This top-shelf-only bar is comfortable and luxurious – the perfect spot to slip away from the crowd for a couple of quiet drinks.

For the months of February and March, 1824 Bar is teaming up with Hennessy to create an intriguingly flavoursome ‘Fire & Ice’ cocktail menu. The menu comprises three cold drinks and two hot cocktails, each containing Hennessy Cognac. What’s your drink of choice?

Dublin cocktail bars

Balfes Bar and Brasserie at The Westbury

The Westbury is another Dublin hotel that’s dressed to impressed, and Balfes Bar and Brasserie is a gorgeous spot to relax with a drink. With chic interiors and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a great one for bringing friends together after a long week.

The cocktail menu has lots to offer, with a number of unique drinks including the amusingly titled ‘U Ok Hun?’ and the Hennessy-based ‘Eggs Hennedict’. Why not head in and check it out for yourself?

Jackie’s Bar, Francis Street

This is one of Dublin’s newer bars, and it’s taking us all on a trip down memory lane with its 90s theme. The bar is filled with quirky furnishings and 90s-inspired touches, including the menu which is designed to look like the copy books we all recognise from our school days.

Jackie’s serves a fabulously nostalgic menu, filled with 90s pop culture references. With a stellar cocktail menu, there’s lots to choose from – but the ‘Calpol 18+’ cocktail is a fan favourite. Made with brandy, oat milk and grenadine, this unique tipple is sure to cure those weekend cocktail cravings.

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