The Iconic Sea Life Aquarium in Bray is Set to Shut Down After 25 Years in Business

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The iconic Sea Life Aquarium, a beloved fixture of over 25 years, is bidding farewell. “This has been a very difficult decision,” the heartfelt announcement declares, marking the end of an era that has shaped the memories of many.

For those who have sought refuge from rainy afternoons within its aquatic haven, the Sea Life Aquarium is synonymous with cherished childhood moments. The news of its impending closure resonates with a tinge of sadness, as a chapter of our shared experiences is about to conclude.

The message on the Bray Sea Life Aquarium website unfolds the fate of this marine sanctuary and the creatures it houses. “After more than 25 years in operation, SEA LIFE Bray will be closing towards the end of this year. This has been a very difficult decision and one that was made only after careful consideration.” The closure, not immediate, underscores a commitment to prioritising the welfare of the dedicated team and the marine inhabitants during this transitional period.

In the coming weeks, efforts will be underway to find suitable new homes for the aquarium’s diverse array of marine life. Leveraging the global SEA LIFE network, the aim is to ensure the seamless relocation of these creatures, while providing unwavering support to the team members who have been an integral part of this aquatic journey.

SEA LIFE Bray leaves behind a legacy of positive impact, having educated and engaged thousands of children and families over the decades. It served as a portal to the wonders of the world’s oceans, emphasising the crucial role we all play in conserving these marine wonders for future generations. The announcement expresses gratitude, stating, “We want to thank our amazing team and guests who have made this time so memorable.”

While the closure date remains unspecified, one thing is certain – the final goodbye will transpire before the year’s end, leaving under two months to revisit this aquatic haven one last time. As we grapple with the departure of Sea Life Aquarium, its absence joins the recent echoes of Fungie’s disappearance, casting a bittersweet shadow over the Bray seafront, forever altering the landscape we once knew and loved.

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