New WAVE Takes Over Dingle!

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Located in the charming town of Dingle, a beacon of maritime heritage on Ireland’s southwest coast, a groundbreaking venture has emerged, captivating locals and tourists alike. Opened in the summer of 2023, WAVE, short for Wild Atlantic Virtual Experience, is not just an attraction; it’s a journey into the heart of the ocean, brought to life through cutting-edge virtual technology.

Conceived by the visionary Keane family, whose business, Ó’ Catháin Iasc Teo, stands as the primary processor and exporter of fish in Dingle, WAVE is a testament to their profound connection with the waters that surround the town. Their ambition is clear: to invite visitors to explore the wonders of the ocean off the Dingle coast, a realm they intimately know and love.

Housed within the walls of a former fish processing plant, WAVE transcends traditional expectations. It takes patrons to an underwater world where nature, mythology, and history converge to create a truly unique and educational experience. As you step into WAVE, you embark on a family-friendly adventure, a virtual dive beneath the sea’s surface, uncovering the secrets of Dingle Bay and beyond.

The WAVE journey unveils the natural wonders of Dingle Bay, where guests are taken into the depths of the ocean by means of captivating music and expansive displays. Fungie, the legendary Dingle Dolphin, greets guests, embodying the playful spirit that has charmed generations. Delving deeper, the experience transitions seamlessly from sunken shipwrecks off the Kerry coast to a mythological realm, weaving maritime myths into the journey. The spectacle crescendos with a breathtaking encounter with humpback whales, leveraging virtual innovation for an unforgettable experience. WAVE, residing in a former fish processing plant, transcends mere attraction; it’s a celebration of the sea’s profound influence on Dingle’s fishing legacy, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ocean’s beauty.

WAVE is more than an attraction; it’s a celebration of the sea’s profound influence on the lives of the men and women who have fished off the Dingle shores for millennia. It invites guests to share in this connection, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ocean’s beauty and importance. As the maritime charm of Dingle never ceases to amaze, WAVE stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to innovation and preserving its rich coastal legacy.

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Paul Micheau
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