Take a Walk: Victor’s Way, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow

Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park is the ideal location for you to unwind this week. The contemplative garden takes you away from the stresses of everyday life and into the welcoming arms of serenity.

Sculpture Trail

This is a walk for those seeking rest and relaxation rather than exercise. Visitors can follow the 2km contemplation path around the garden. There is an array of sculptures created to encourage mindfulness and self-reflection.

The garden is home to 44 unique granite sculptures which are distributed throughout. Along the way you can stop at isolated ponds and meditation benches. Each of the artworks represent elements of spirituality. There are seven major sculptures signifying the seven stages of the creative life cycle.

It’s recommended that guests visit alone and take their time walking the contemplation path to fully experience the desired effects of the garden. To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, the use of mobile phones is discouraged and visitors are asked not to bring pets.

Crafts Shop

Take a piece of Victor’s Way with you from the on-site crafts shop. The shop specialises in items designed to inspire tranquility in the home, including incense, singing bowls, miniature brass statues and more. With no employees, the shop is left to run itself, and visitors are trusted to leave money for their purchases in the designated ‘honesty box’.

The park is open seven days a week (12pm-6pm) and on-site parking is available.

Entry is €10 per person and tickets can be booked here. Admission for children is free, however the park is designed for adults and parents are asked not to bring little ones. Find your way to Victor’s Way here.

Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly is a travel journalist for travel2ireland, ITTN and TravelTimes. With a background in arts, culture and lifestyle, Ava has a keen eye for the most visit-worthy destinations and all their attractions.

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