Sprout Expands its Roots: New Camden Street Location Opening Soon

In the heart of Dublin’s bustling culinary scene, Sprout is set to unveil its latest venture – a brand-new location on Camden Street. This expansion marks another chapter in the journey of Sprout, a food haven that started with a simple, freshly-picked, organic tomato at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Founded on the idea of locally-sourced, seasonal, and healthy food that prioritises taste, Sprout has become synonymous with delicious, wholesome meals that celebrate the flavors of fresh ingredients. Sprout’s commitment to sourcing locally and staying seasonal ensures that every dish bursts with the freshest, tastiest ingredients.

The Sprout story took a turn to the soil in 2018 when the dream to grow for themselves led to the establishment of an organic farm in Kildare. With an emphasis on trying new varieties and growing exclusively for their own use, Sprout embraced the farm-to-table ethos, reinforcing their dedication to knowing exactly where their food comes from.

The anticipation for the Camden Street opening has been building, with Sprout and Co sharing updates on Instagram. The new location is expected to open its doors in late February. Alessandra, familiar to Sprout enthusiasts from the Dawson Street location, is set to take the reins as the manager, and she is currently assembling a dynamic team. Sprout encourages those interested in joining to reach out, emphasising that experience is not always necessary – they hire for smiles and positive attitudes.

As Sprout continues to grow, organically and otherwise, the Camden Street location promises to be a haven for food lovers seeking the perfect blend of flavor, health, and a dash of Sprout’s signature enthusiasm. Stay tuned for the late February opening and get ready to enjoy fresh food with Sprout’s newest addition to the Dublin food scene.

Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
Paul is a passionate travel writer and seasoned content creator, with a flair for storytelling. He has developed a keen eye for capturing the essence of places and experiences. Armed with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Management. Paul brings a strategic approach to his work, ensuring that each piece of content he creates resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Paul is also the founder and head of content for the popular 'IsItWorthIt' channel.

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