€5 for a Pint of Guinness? Ireland’s True Hidden Gems – Part 1

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Located in the picturesque landscapes of Kerry, Ireland, The Shanty Bar stands as a testament to the charm of rural pubs and the warmth of family-run establishments. For over 27 years, the Driver Family has lovingly operated this unique watering hole, creating an atmosphere that captures the essence of traditional Irish hospitality.

In 1992, the pub found its way into the hands of the present owners, Tadhg and Neasa Kelly, who have continued the legacy of this beloved establishment. The Shanty Bar has become a local icon, celebrated for its distinctive features that set it apart from the typical pub experience.

One of the most peculiar attractions at The Shanty Bar is “the man upside down in the barrel,” an eccentric and whimsical touch that adds to the pub’s quirky character. The interior is adorned with sawdust-covered floors, a bathtub repurposed as a urinal in the men’s toilet, and saloon-style doors leading to the ladies’ toilet. The bar also boasts Christmas decorations that remain on display throughout the year, wellie-clad boots seemingly protruding from the roof, and a vintage pot-bellied stove that radiates a sense of nostalgia.

The Shanty Bar has earned a reputation for serving exceptional Guinness, a testament to its unique short draw with the barrels cleverly positioned under the counter, as a Dublin native I was astonished to see that you can still get a pint of Guinness for as little as €5 in parts of Ireland. The pub’s commitment to creating an authentic Irish atmosphere is evident in every nook and cranny, where antiques, pictures, and other treasures depict the rich history of Kerry and rural Ireland.

Visitors to The Shanty Bar are not just patrons; they are welcomed into an experience of true Irish pub culture. The lively atmosphere, fueled by storytelling, singalongs, and craic, is a magnet for both locals and tourists alike. The pub has become a sought-after destination for international tours, allowing visitors to savor the warmth of Irish hospitality while relaxing beside a crackling turf fire.

Conveniently located in Ballyfinnane, Firies, Co. Kerry, The Shanty Bar is easily accessible from surrounding townlands. Just a short journey outside of Killarney and Tralee, this charming establishment beckons those seeking an authentic taste of Ireland.

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