Palestinian Diner Shaku Maku Hosting Fundraising Event for Gaza Emergency Relief Fund


Shaku Maku is a Middle Eastern diner, in Rathmines, which serves traditional dishes cooked according to age-honoured recipes and techniques.

With the recent tragedies that have taken place in Palestine the owners of Shaku Maku have decided to host a fundraising event to help the people in their homeland. On its Instagram page, the restaurant said:

“Shaku Maku is a restaurant. We make hummus. We bring people together. We try to make people happy.

“The last few weeks we’ve watched a disaster unfold in our homeland. The loss of human life is unbearable. Our family members and friends are, at this moment, sheltering in schools.

“From grassroots movements to the highest echelons of power, Ireland always shows up for Palestine. Your empathy, your compassion as people, makes us proud to call Ireland home.

“In our time of need, we’re asking you to join us at Shaku Maku on Thursday 26th of October to raise money to help the people of Gaza. Eat some Palestinian food. Bring your friends. All proceeds will go directly to The Gaza Emergency Relief fund.

“We greatly appreciate your help.”

What: Fundraiser for the Gaza Crisis Emergency Appeal

Where: Shaku Maku, 192 Rathmines Rd, Dublin

When: 26th October 2023, 12pm-10pm


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