Marker Hotel Makes a Splash with ‘Wild Swimming’ Package

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Dublin’s Marker Hotel – now officially named the Anantara The Marker Hotel – has launched a “wild swimming”/swim safari package promoting wild sea swimming as a form of exploration and relaxation, while also paying tribute to Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes.

The new ‘Wild Swimming’ experience, led by the hotel’s Wild Swimming Guru, invites saltwater enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy rejuvenating cool dips in the Irish Sea while exploring hidden beaches and little-known beauty spots.

Plunging into the natural waters, with its unbeatable mix of adrenaline and tranquillity, is a popular pastime in Ireland where numerous bathing spots are available for swimmers of all abilities. For holidaymakers and business travellers curious to dip their toe into this thrilling world, Anantara The Marker has curated a customisable Wild Swimming package to promote the many benefits of this refreshing and invigorating activity.

After choosing their preferred swimming spot, guests will set off in a private hotel car accompanied by the hotel’s Wild Swimming Guru, Jessica Lamb, to enjoy a two-hour swimming safari where they can take in stunning views of the cliffs, lush kelp forests and the shimmering bay lined with bobbing fishing boats. 

A marathon swimmer and Level 2 open water swimming coach, Jessica has spent the last 10 years immersed in Dublin Bay helping others experience the healing, grounding powers of the cold Irish Sea. 

Back at the hotel, guests may choose to enhance their in-nature experience with a private rooftop Breakfast by Design or a muscle-soothing massage at the award-winning Anantara Spa.

Depending on how comfortable they are with deep water, bathers can chose to picnic and swim either at Vico Bathing Place where they can float under the craggy rocks of Hawk Cliff as porpoises pop their heads above the swell; the iconic Forty Foot in Sandycove that featured in the opening scenes of James Joyce’s Ulysses and hosts many an icy Christmas morning swim; or White Rock – a beautiful sugary-white sandy beach offering safe bathing for families who can be seen swimming among diving terns and cormorants.

“Anchored by a vision of integrated wellness, I am keen on opening new avenues for wellness tourism where hotels can achieve a balance by creating personalised experiences and adventures for our guests that have a direct, positive impact on their personal well-being,” said Bodina Quereshi, Spa and Wellness Director at Anantara The Marker Dublin Hotel.

“The new Wild Swimming package is the first step towards helping guests embrace a healthy lifestyle while travelling, and I look forward to enhancing our current offering combining technology, science and holistic experiences to drive the vision and meet fast-evolving consumer expectations.”

In addition to being a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and experience the beauty of nature, swimming in natural bodies of water offers numerous mental and physical benefits, such as boosting mood, immunity and circulation, as well as connecting people with nature and each other – a refreshingly different way to start the day whether you are in town for leisure or business.

The Wild Swimming package is priced at €295 per person. For more information about Anantara The Marker Dublin Hotel, visit To book the Wild Swimming Package, email the team at [email protected].

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