Lockdown Has Made Us More Adventurous

adventure travel during lockdown
Surfing with Long Line Surf School, Benone near Portrush, NI

Our sense of adventure has increased with 33% of adults claiming they are now more adventurous than they were before Covid-19. This is a result from a survey conducted by psychologist Dr. Malie Coyne of Empathy Research for Tourism Northern Ireland. 

With lockdowns impacting consumer behaviour across the board, new independent research commissioned by Tourism Northern Ireland has found that peoples’ spirit of adventure and discovery has increased. 

After a year in lockdown, when asked what they most associate with adventure, one-third of adults said ‘freedom’, ‘new experiences’, and ‘exploring’. Also high on the list of what people associate with adventure were ‘making memories’, ‘discovery’ and ‘nature/wildness’. 

Seeking adventure and relaxation

The new research also revealed an interesting variety in people’s perception of adventure, with 15% of people associating relaxation more strongly with adventure than adrenaline or action. 

adventure travel during lockdown
Dr. Malie Coyle

Commenting on the results, leading Irish psychologist Dr. Malie Coyne said, “On a basic human level, we need to feel safe and assured in order to discover new experiences and expand our horizons. It’s reassuring to see that people are now ready to step out of their comfort zones and discover places they haven’t yet visited.” 

With almost half of the Irish population never having visited Northern Ireland1, and with almost 4 in 10 research respondents remarking that ‘being somewhere new’ would give them the best sense of adventure, a new campaign has been launched encouraging everyone to capitalise on this spirit of adventure and discover new giant experiences in Northern Ireland, less than a two-hour drive from Dublin. 

adventure travel during lockdown
Stand Up Paddle-boarding at SUP NIC, Bangor

If seaside is your preference – you will be one of 40% of adults for whom seaside and coasts are the epitome of adventure.

Inspired by these consumer attitudes Tourism Northern Ireland has come up with the perfect solution to help you ‘Choose A Giant Adventure’. Through the immersive video experience on Discover Northern Ireland’s website, visitors can find their ultimate short break. 

Using curated videography and stunning drone footage, visitors can see themselves paddle boarding along the River Foyle with Far & Wild. Or riding the waves at Benone Beach with Long Line Surf School or navigating the rugged coastlines and ravines with Causeway Coast Kayaking. 

Discover What Derry Girls Have For Tea

adventure travel during lockdown

If you prefer more gentle experiences that still give you a unique sense of adventure, you can listen to artist Adam Turkington from Seedhead Arts guiding you through the funky street art on the cobbled streets of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast or check out the ‘Derry Girls Afternoon Tea and Tour’ package. It is essential to pre-book and to check availability directly with each provider and to be aware of each venue’s cancellation policy when booking. 

Play the interactive video experience and Discover Northern Ireland and your next adventure here. You can also enter a competition to win your ultimate stay in Northern Ireland. 


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