It’s the Weekend: Farmaphobia, Meath

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I was lucky enough during the week to be invited out to the opening day of this year’s Farmaphobia. Farmaphobia is a scare park on Causey Farm in Meath.

The tormented and twisted minds worked overtime to ensure that Farmaphobia will return for Halloween 2021 after being canceled last year due to Covid-19. With four terrifying haunts spread over 100 acres of fear and fright, Ireland’s largest Halloween event is not to be missed.

WWII Zombies

The third reich army has risen from the dead to seek revenge on those who buried them. You and your squad must answer the call of duty and end the war once and for all.

Your mission is simple, to send the undead army back to Hell.


Step right up, the Carnival is in town. These clowns don’t want to make you laugh though, they want to make you scream. This part of the farmaphobia experience is quite psychedelic and unique. I personally thought it was the best.

Scary Adventure in Ireland
Carnevil at Farmaphobia

Purge Night

Based on the successful franchise ‘The Purge’, Farmaphobia issues your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of Purge Night, sanctioned by the Government.

Commencing at the Siren, all crimes, including murder, will be legal until Purge Night is over. Blessed be our new founding fathers, a nation reborn.

Scary Adventure in Ireland
Purge Night at Farmaphobia

Momma’s Murder Maze

The Baker Family has been waiting for some fresh meat all year and Momma’s finally brewing a bloody broth. Trust me, her cooking is to die for. This part of the Farmaphobia experience is truly a scary experience all around.

Scary Adventure in Ireland
Momma’s Murder Maze at Farmaphobia

DJ Spooks

The resident DJ at Farmaphobia made his return this year. The Farmaphobia experience would not be complete without the return of DJ Spooks who will be performing nightly and will be joined by a few new friends for Farmaphobia 2021.

Scary Adventure in Ireland
DJ Spooks at Farmaphobia

Age Limits

Farmaphobia is recommended for over 16s however younger visitors i.e. 13 and over may attend but they will have to have a responsible adult on-site. The adult does not have to go into the haunted areas but must be here in case someone gets a bad fright. Unfortunately, no young children will be allowed on site.

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