Historical Dublin: Our Favourite City Centre Museums

EPIC Emigration Museum
EPIC Museum

Dublin City is rich with history, and there are plenty of ways to explore the very best of it. Here are some of the best museums in the city centre, to bring the stories of Dublin and its history to life:

Historical Dublin: Our Favourite City Centre Museums

14 Henrietta Street

Dublin is well-known for its Georgian architecture, with rows of houses lining the city to reflect an era long gone. This museum at 14 Henrietta Street documents the history of urban life in Dublin, spanning over 300 years.

Today, you can explore the building in small groups, and see for yourself how city life has changed throughout history. Visitors to this house can also learn the fascinating stories of those who once lived here. 14 Henrietta Street is now conserved by Dublin City Council.

Custom House Visitor Centre

Dublin’s stunning Custom House is an architectural masterpiece on the Liffey quays; it was once Ireland’s major trade route to the wider world. The building now stands proudly for visitors to admire. The Custom House was designed by renowned 18th century architect James Gandon in 1791, and was delicately decorated with stonework by Edward Smyth.

To this day, you can admire the famous carved keystones, showing the 14 heads of the river gods – one for each major river in Ireland. Visit the recently opened Custom House Visitor Centre and dive into some of the most fascinating moments in Dublin’s history in a new and enticing exhibition. The role played by the Custom House in the Civil War in 1921 is particularly interesting.

GPO Museum

Jump right into the centre of the action with this exhibition exploring the 1916 Easter Rising at the General Post Office on O’Connell Street. The GPO Museum offers an immersive, self-guided experience, which walks visitors through the events of Dublin’s most significant period in history.

The story of the 1916 Rising is told from start to finish by using electronic touch screens, video, audio visual booths, sound and authentic artefacts. Here, you can experience the events from both sides of the conflict, and through the eyes of bystanders who were caught up in it all. This is right where it all happened all those years ago, you can enjoy a fascinating afternoon of history.

EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum

The history of Ireland expands far past the boundaries of the island itself, and has been carried with its people all over the globe. EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum, Every Person Is Connected; pays tribute to all the interesting Irish people who left home and created a name for themselves.

The interactive exhibitions are suitable for all ages, and offer a fascinating insight into some Irish nationals and their remarkable achievements. Looking at all areas of life, including music, literature, sport, politics, fashion and science, each display tells a captivating story.

In EPIC you can also looks into the meaning of Irish names, examining the origins and tracing the history behind them. If you have an interest in the history of Irish emigration, or an Irish name, this museum is certainly worth the visit.

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