Galway’s Best Pubs – Voted by the Locals

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Located within the cobblestone streets and vibrant atmosphere of Galway are pubs that encapsulate the essence of Irish hospitality, music, and history. In our quest to uncover Galway’s gems, we took to the streets, speaking with locals who graciously shared their favorite haunts. From traditional music sessions that echo through centuries-old walls to cozy corners that have witnessed the ebb and flow of community life, these pubs have become more than just watering holes—they are living, breathing chapters in Galway’s rich narrative. Join us as we unveil the top choices, voted by the very heartbeat of Galway—the locals.

Taaffes Pub: A Musical Odyssey Through Time

Located on Shop Street, Taaffes Pub stands as a living testament to Galway’s enduring spirit. With a legacy spanning over 150 years, this establishment’s roots delve even deeper, dating back at least 400 years. Its architectural charm resonates with the nearby Kings Head, and within these historic walls, Traditional Irish music thrives. The strains of fiddles and accordions fill the air during sessions at 5 pm and 9.30 pm from April to October, and 9 pm throughout the rest of the year. Locals, students, and tourists alike find a welcoming haven here, where the atmosphere is as rich as the history. There’s no cover charge, and some of Ireland’s finest traditional musicians, including luminaries like Sharon Shannon, have graced its stage.

Tigh Neachtain’s: A Tapestry of History and Community

Since 1894, Tigh Neachtain’s, perched on the corner of Cross Street and Quay Street, has been more than a pub—it’s a living history book. Once the residence of animal rights activist Richard Martin, the pub opens its doors to a diverse clientele. The welcoming interior, complete with a fireplace for chilly winter days, and a beer garden offering a panoramic view of Galway, make Tigh Neachtain’s a haven for those seeking the heartbeat of the city. Its strong ties to Galway’s arts and musical communities add an extra layer of allure, making it a cherished meeting place.

Garavans Pub: A Family Legacy on Galway’s Thoroughfare

Established in 1937 by Charles Garavan Snr, Garavans Pub is more than just a spirited watering hole. Its roots as a Spirit Grocery, combining a public house with a grocery shop, tell a tale of service to the people of Galway. Proudly continuing this legacy, Garavans remains one of the few Galway families still trading on the city’s main thoroughfare. Beyond its historic charm, Garavans Pub seamlessly blends a commitment to tradition with a warm welcome for patrons seeking a touch of Galway’s past.

McDonagh’s Thatch Bar: A Cozy Retreat with Google’s Seal of Approval

McDonagh’s Thatch Bar, a snug retreat in the heart of Galway, promises more than just delicious beer. Its cosy atmosphere invites patrons to unwind after a hard day’s work, offering a refuge from the bustling city outside. What sets this bar apart is not just its ambiance but the commendable service, reflected in its impressive Google rating of 4.7. Whether seeking solace or good company, McDonagh’s Thatch Bar has earned its spot among Galway’s best, becoming a place where the pleasant hum of conversation harmonizes with the clinking of glasses.

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