Finding Places to Dine Outdoors from June – The Ireland Foodmap

From June 7th we will be able to dine outdoors but where will be open and how can you contact them.  Katia Valadeau, a French expat living in Dublin, has come up with a fantastic map to show places to dine in Ireland – all 32 counties. Katia has the food website properfood.ie.

She heard about a similar website for outdoor dining in London and thought why not try doing something like it for the whole of Ireland.

Using Google Maps she has plotted over 800 restaurants, cafes, and hotels around Ireland that will be open for outdoor dining. When you click on a place the name of a restaurant will come up with the address and details of how to make a reservation.

Initially, she put out a tweet asking for places to contact her if they would be open, the reaction was hugely supportive.

It has been a labour of love by Katia and is obviously something that has been well received as to date more than 76,000 people have come on to the map looking for places to eat.

Outdoor dining Ireland
The Beachcomber Cafe – Rosslare

There are some gaps in places around the country such as the Hidden Heartlands of Longford, Roscommon, Leitrim, and Westmeath and Northern Ireland is a bit short on places on the map.  So if you have a café or restaurant, get in touch with Katia. Ireland Foodmap

The Properfood website is about all about food, from recipes to local suppliers, producers, news from the food industry and Katia is a consultant for new food ventures.

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