Dublin on a Budget: How to ‘Do’ The Capital for Just €20…PART 2

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After the incredible response we received to “A Day In Dublin For €20” on social media we have decided to put together a part 2. The question on everyone’s lips is can this feat be completed twice? Stay tuned to find out! Below I have put together an action packed plan on how to spend a day in Dublin.

Morning: A Refreshing Start at Vico Baths

To kick off our day, we begin with a refreshing morning walk and swim at the Vico Baths. Nestled between Dalkey and Killiney Hills, these natural sea pools provide the perfect setting to embrace the beauty of the Irish coastline. The early morning light casts a magical glow on the water, making it a picturesque spot for a leisurely stroll along the cliffs.

The Vico Baths offer the chance to take a dip in the fresh waters of the Irish Sea and offers the perfect start to any summer morning. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just looking for a relaxing wade, the beauty of the surroundings make this experience truly unique. Best of all, entry to Vico Baths is free, making it an excellent option for those on a budget.

Lunch: Tesco Meal Deal for €4.49

After working up an appetite with our morning activities, it’s time for a satisfying lunch. For a budget-friendly option, head to a nearby Tesco supermarket and grab their famous Meal Deal for just €4.49. The Meal Deal usually includes a sandwich, wrap, or salad, along with a snack and a drink. It’s an excellent way to fill up without emptying your wallet.

Feel free to take your Tesco Meal Deal to a nearby park or garden to enjoy an alfresco meal while soaking up more of Dublin’s beautiful surroundings.

Afternoon: Exploring the Botanic Gardens

Next on our itinerary is a leisurely afternoon stroll around the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Located in Glasnevin, these gardens are a green oasis in the heart of Dublin. With an extensive collection of plants and flowers from around the world, the Botanic Gardens are a delight for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

The gardens are free to enter, making it a fantastic budget-friendly activity. Take your time wandering through the glasshouses, floral displays, and serene walking paths. It’s an opportunity to unwind and appreciate the wonders of nature without spending a penny.

Evening: A Taste of Dublin’s Delicacies at Gravediggers Pub

As the sun sets on our day in Dublin, there’s no better way to cap off the experience than with an authentic Irish meal at the legendary Gravediggers Pub. Located near Glasnevin Cemetery, this historic pub is known for its charming atmosphere and traditional Irish dishes.

Start the evening with a pint of Guinness, Ireland’s most famous stout, and savor the rich flavors of the iconic beer. Pair it with a hearty serving of coddle, a traditional Dublin stew made with sausages, bacon, potatoes, and onions. The combination of the velvety Guinness and the comforting coddle provides a truly authentic taste of Dublin’s culinary heritage. The question on everyone’s lips is did we do all of this for €20 or under? The answer this week is sadly no. The Guinness cost us €5.60 & the coddle was priced at €12.50 bringing our spending for the day to €22.59, narrowly missing out on our target, keep your eyes peeled as we try again soon to see if you can ‘DO’ Dublin with a measly €20 budget.

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Paul Micheau
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