You Wanted the (2nd) Best…: KISS Tribute Act Confirms Irish Date for 2024 Tour!

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Just when you thought, KISS finally knocking it on the head – in a physical sense – with their final show at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden, last December, marked the end for everyone’s favourite lycra-clad/face-painted rock goons…they’re back!…sort of!

No, not with that promised ABBA-esque hologram malarky, just yet, but in physical form. If the band had effectively turned into its own #1 tribute act for the past 10 years or so; the 2nd best one is still on the road, and coming to Ireland.

Hotter Than Hell (named after KISS’ second album, released in 1974) are modestly billed as Europe’s No.1 KISS Tribute Show, and have the costumes, platform-heeled boots, facepaint, set list and pyrotechnics to prove it!

Looking for comparisons? (of course, you are!)…well, they’re right up there with Dressed to Kill (named after KISS’s THIRD album, released in 1975…there’s a trend here!) – billed as the World’s Longest Running KISS Tribute Act, but shouldn’t be confused with them! (We’re still waiting, by the way, for Lazy, Lazy Shites, the 80s, no facepaint tribute to KISS, but until then…)

Hotter Than Hell are no strangers to Irish shores (strange, given that the real KISS only ever played on the island of Ireland twice over their 50 year career), having most recently played Dublin in 2021 and 2023.

Anyway, to cut to the chase…Hotter Than Hell are back in Ireland later this year, playing Belfast’s Mandela Hall in October as part of their upcoming European Tour.

The night is billed as a Halloween Treble Tribute Rock Night. Why?, you ask…well, because you can also catch Roxxi Red (slaves to all things LA 80s hair-metal: think Ratt, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Poison etc); and Ireland’s first ever Def Leppard tribute act, Dub Leppard, of course!

What: Halloween Treble Tribute Rock Night: Hotter Than Hell (KISS), Dub Leppard (Def Leppard), Roxxi Red (Mötley Crüe et al)

Where: Belfast, Mandela Hall

When: Saturday, October 26

And, if you’re wondering why we’re bringing you this momentous news as early as mid-April…well, you know how quickly gigs sell out these days. There you go…

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