Wicks Appeal – Joe Wicks Brings the Burn to WellFest 2023

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Fitness, wellness and healthy eating are long since past the fad stage and are truly big business these days.

Mass exercise, keep fit and yoga sessions may not be your thing, but they fit the bill for many.

WellFest – Europe’s number one fitness festival – comes back to Dublin next week for the 8th annual staging of WellFest Ireland.

UK fitness guru Joe Wicks and our own Roz Purcell and Trisha Lewis are the headline grabbers this year – in terms of main stage hosts – but the weekend is not all about tying yourself up in knots while some overly enthusiastic long-haired English fella shouts at you from a stage.

Flyefit will be on hand to guide you through proper gym routines, there will be yoga and mindfulness areas and talks and a serious food education area where you can learn the best diets for you and your kids.

What: WellFest 2023

When: May 6-7

Where: Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin

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