Whiskey Business! Waterford Distillers Pursuit of Natural Flavors

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Located in Ireland’s Sunny South East, Waterford Distillery invites whisky enthusiasts on a journey to discover the essence of their craft. Recently, travel2ireland’s Maria & Paul had the privilege of going on a whisky tour led by Head Distiller Ned Gahan, unveiling the secrets behind Waterford Whisky’s uniqueness. Tours at Waterford Whisky are very reasonably priced at €25 and tickets can be purchased here.

Waterford is on a relentless quest to unearth whiskey’s most natural flavors, drawing inspiration from the world’s greatest winemakers. With an intellectual drive akin to winemaking, they focus on barley—the source of malt whisky’s intricate flavor. Working with over a hundred exclusive Irish farms, Waterford explores three distinct paths to capture natural flavors: Single Farm Origins for terroir-derived individualism, Cuvées for a greater sum of flavors, and Arcadian Barley, delving into old ways like Organic, Biodynamic, Heritage, and Irish-peated barley.

What sets Waterford apart is their dedication to Irish-grown barley, sourced from over 100 growers. The annual harvest becomes a spectacle as tractors traverse rural Ireland, transporting Single Farm Origin barley to the unique Cathedral of Barley—a wonder-structure ensuring integrity and traceability. This Cathedral stands as the terroir-enabler, preserving each farm’s individual crop in separation and ideal conditions.

The heart of Waterford’s technological marvel, the Facilitator, traces its roots back to the brewery established in 1792. This elite distillery treats each farm’s crop equally, using state-of-the-art equipment alongside ancient knowledge, extended fermentations, and a spectrum of exceptional oak. The resulting distillates, after maturing in the best French and American oak, promise a glorious chorus of harmonic flavors—a sum greater than its parts.

Waterford’s ambition is clear: to create the most profound single malt whisky ever. As each bottle tells a unique tale of terroir, farm by farm, harvest by harvest, Waterford Whisky stands as a testament to the pursuit of authenticity and the celebration of natural flavors in every sip.


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