Welcome Back to All Our Friends in the Hospitality Industry

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Today is a very special day in all our lives, not just in the hospitality industry. Today our friends come back into our lives and we hope they will be there for a long time. 

hospitality industry return

Hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, hostels, campsites, hospitality in all its forms, plays a significant part in our lives.  From the christening of a new baby, to taking our first dance as a married couple the venue is part of our memories. Forever locked in with that moment. 

We have all missed significant moments with family and friends over the past 15 months. Family events have happened on Zoom or Skype, new babies are awaiting christening. Thousands of weddings have been rescheduled. Saying goodbye to loved ones has been made harder by not having that lunch and chats in the local hotel or pub. 

hospitality industry return

Girls’ nights and lads’ weekends have been missed, along with shopping trips, nights at the theatre, concerts, and city breaks. Those special anniversaries, birthdays and romantic trysts are lost in the past. Many a bride and groom have had no sendoffs with stags and hen events shelved. The summer was boring with no festivals and no Christmas markets last winter.  

hospitality industry return

During the past year or so we have missed around 10 bank holiday weekends, usually great times for having a short break. We have also missed our colleagues in business, with no conferences, courses or conventions, a backbone of corporate life. 

There were openings in between but they never felt perfect. There was always an overhanging grey cloud.  But today that grey cloud is fading fast and we can begin to get back to our usual lives that include family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  

We welcome back our friends in the hospitality industry and say – we missed you, we cannot wait to see you soon. 

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