Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Dublin We Can (Happily) Revisit in 2023

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Dublin is full of amazing experiences and events that offer a complete package for all kinds of visitors, tourists, and locals alike. While we may have escorted visiting family and friends to plenty of attractions during Christmas, there are some experiences that we don’t mind visiting and revisiting in the months to come.

So if you’re looking for inspiration in the new year, here are five that you can consider. It doesn’t matter if you have been to these before – every visit adds to the experience, adding a fresh perspective.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum offers a fully interactive experience like no other, which brings Irish history to life and allows visitors to discover what it really means to be Irish. By combining personal emigrant perspectives with social and cultural context, visitors can understand why a person left Ireland and the beliefs and heritage they brought with them. EPIC offers a great multigenerational day out, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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Jeanie Johnston

A man is aboard the Famine ship - one of the attractions in Ireland
The Jeanie Johnston tells the story of the thousands of Irish people who fled the Famine and embarked on a treacherous voyage in the hope of a better life in North America. 

Step aboard the Jeanie Johnston and gain an insight into the journey that 2,500 people experienced onboard this very ship, when they fled Ireland during the famine. Hear the stories of the people who made the voyage and learn more about this tragic time in Ireland’s history.

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Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse

Head for the Guinness Storehouse to learn more about the history of Ireland’s most iconic beer. Explore seven floors of this iconic building where you will discover the story of Guinness, before finishing off with a pint of the black stuff in the famous Gravity Bar, which boasts 360 views of Dublin City.

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The National Wax Museum Plus

Visit Ted in an authentically Irish room set to capture one of the most influential cultural programmes of the 90s. 

A firm favourite with families, The National Wax Museum Plus is an interactive experience for all ages. Get up close and personal with famous faces, learn about Irish history, walk through the Chamber of Horrors, plus much more.

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Christ Church Cathedral

The choir at Christ Church Cathedral in their red outfits
The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral is one of Ireland’s finest choirs. Tracing its origins to 1493 with the founding of the choir school, the cathedral choir took part in the first performance of Handel’s Messiah in Dublin in 1742.

Standing at the heart of Dublin for over 1000 years, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the most historic and sacred places in Ireland. Admire the stained glass windows, delve into the crypt below or climb into the belfry to view the famous bells.

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1. What is EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum?

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is an interactive attraction that showcases the stories of Irish emigrants and their impact on the world. Through personal narratives and cultural context, it offers a comprehensive understanding of Irish history and heritage.

2. How can I book tickets for these experiences?

You can conveniently book tickets for EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, Jeanie Johnston, Guinness Storehouse, The National Wax Museum Plus, and Christ Church Cathedral through their respective booking links provided above.

3. Are these experiences suitable for families?

Absolutely! These experiences cater to all age groups, making them perfect for families, individuals, and tourists looking to delve into Dublin’s rich history and culture.

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