The Premier League Darts are in Town – Here’s a list of Dublin’s Top Kebab Spots for Luke Littler to Check Out!


As the Premier League Darts lights up the 3 Arena tonight (21st March), all eyes are on the extraordinary talent of Luke Littler. Littler, famed for his nerves of steel and incredible dart-throwing ability, has captured the hearts of fans since his remarkable debut at the World Championship at just 16 years old, Luke Littler pocketed nearly a quarter of a million pounds since his dream PDC World Championships run – with each dart thrown worth £59 to the youngster. But beyond the darts, Luke shares another passion: kebabs. Here’s a rundown of the best spots around Dublin where Littler can satisfy his kebab cravings:


With multiple venues scattered around Dublin, Zaytoon offers a unique twist on Persian cuisine, elevating the humble kebab to new heights. Founded by business partners Jamshid Kamvar and Azad Shirazi, Zaytoon boasts premium Irish ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. Their signature charcoal-grilled kebabs exemplify the balance and flavors of Persian cuisine, making it a must-visit for kebab enthusiasts.

Baxtos Kebab

Founded by Kurdish native Abdullah Omar, Baxtos Kebab has quickly become a favorite among Dublin’s kebab aficionados. Abdullah’s dedication to quality and flavor shines through in his diverse range of kebabs, including lamb, chicken wings, and salmon. With a loyal following and a passion for food, Baxtos Kebab offers a satisfying experience in the heart of Tallaght that Luke Littler wouldn’t want to miss.

Passion 4 Food

Located in Dublin 8, Passion 4 Food offers an array of Persian and Kurdish delicacies, cooked to order with fresh ingredients. From traditional chicken and lamb doner kebabs to specialty dishes like grilled sea bass and lamb shank, there’s something for every palate at Passion 4 Food. With a commitment to authenticity and a welcoming atmosphere, this establishment embodies the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine.


Reyna has emerged as a beacon of Turkish cuisine in Dublin, thanks to its flavorful doner kebabs and charcoal-grilled dishes. The nephew and uncle duo behind Reyna pour their passion into every dish, offering a taste of authentic Turkish flavors in the middle of Dublin. Whether it’s the classic Doner Kebab or their signature Ichlee Kofte, Reyna offers a tasty experience that Luke Littler won’t soon forget.

Disclaimer: Please note that while some photos included may be directly from the respective restaurants, others are representative images sourced for illustrative purposes.


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