The Little Museum of Dublin

Little Museum of Dublin
The Little Museum of Dublin

At the Little Museum of Dublin you can hear interesting facts and stories in the company of friendly experts on St Stephen’s Green, in Dublin City. There are many quirky and intimate museum things to discover about the fantastic history Ireland has. The museum’s collection was created by public donation and is a mix of objects you will not find anywhere else.

You will meet some remarkable characters on one of their daily guided tours, from James Joyce to John F. Kennedy. The museum tours are given throughout the day, however, most of the tours are very popular and sell out quickly so pre-book if you can.

Little Museum of Dublin
The Little Museum of Dublin

The Big Little Treasure Hunt

If you want some excellent outdoor entertainment, The Big Little Treasure Hunt is the right place. It’s a great adventure through time and space… without leaving Stephen’s Green.

This fun-filled walk through Dublin’s most beautiful Georgian square will keep you, your friends and your family busy for at least an hour of splendid mischief.

Little Museum of Dublin

Everyone’s a winner. Your treasure includes a free ticket to two of Dublin’s best museums – MoLI and the Little Museum of Dublin. Admission to each of these award-winning museums normally costs €10, so this treasure hunt is surely the greatest cultural bargain of the year.

Plus: if you record the fastest time of 2021, we’ll give you free admission to the Little Museum for the rest of your life.

The Green Mile

This excellent walking tour of St Stephen’s Green begins in the museum at 15.30 every day.

Every year 8.1 million people walk through St Stephen’s Green, but it has also played a key role in Irish history. James Joyce studied on the Green and the Irish Constitution was drafted at the Shelbourne Hotel. This handsome square has long served as a backdrop for public and private drama, as well as the setting for many great love stories.

You can purchase your tickets here and enjoy your day out with friends and family.


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