“The Glyde Inn: A Historic Haven Run By Generations Of The O’Neill Family”

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The Glyde Inn is a charming and historic establishment that has served Annagassan, County Louth, Ireland, as a pillar of the community since 1770. Situated on the picturesque east coast of Ireland, overlooking the stunning Irish Sea, The Glyde Inn offers visitors a unique experience blending traditional Irish charm with modern comforts.

The Glyde Inn & Linn Duachaill Restaurant was awarded National Pub of The Year and Irish Food Pub of the Year 2018 at the Irish Pub Awards in RDS and if you take a look at the reel which I have listed below you can really see the quality and freshness of the seafood that the The Glyde Inn produce. While the food alone keeps customers coming back for more it is not the only thing that the Glyde Inn offers, it is also a destination restaurant with stern and starboard areas offering phenomenal views of Dundalk Bay.

The Glyde Inn holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, as it is a family-run establishment that has been nurtured by two generations of the O’Neill family. This family touch adds a unique and personal atmosphere to the inn, making it feel like a true home away from home.

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