The Best Paddy’s Day Parades Outside Dublin

Dublin can be overwhelming on St. Patrick’s Day. As the celebrations on our beautiful green island are set to begin, here are our five best Paddy’s Day parades that are happening outside of Dublin.


The Cork City St. Patrick’s Day Parade returns this year to bring colour and Irish spirit to the streets of Cork.

From sporting groups to dance schools, new communities and the long-running Cork brass bands – as well as special guests from across the world – this year’s festival promises to be a memorable one. The Cork St. Patricks Day parade is arguably on par with the glitz and glam of Dublin’s.

Floats with different characters at Cork's Paddy's Day parade


Galway’s St. Paddy’s Day parade is always one to look forward to – showcasing a huge range of talent and creativity from local artists and community groups. The St. Patrick’s Day parade will make its way through the city centre, so find a spot and enjoy from the side lines. Creating an unbeatably lively atmosphere are many of Galway’s own, including local community, cultural and sporting groups – as well as some fantastic international groups.

This highly anticipated parade will feature many spectacular creations, including the flowery giant owl, with accompaniment from the next generation Macnas Drummers and performers.

Dancers in pink tutu dresses and green scarves at Galway's Paddy's Day parade


We love a visit to Killarney, with lots to do and see across the town – and we’re so excited to see what this year’s parade has in store. The parade’s theme for this year’s Paddy’s Day  parade is ‘Killarney Experience More’ 

The theme presents and showcases what Killarney has to offer to locals and visitors alike. The best things in life are the experiences we share, savour and discover. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Killarney. With fantastic performances, fabulous creations and lots of fun and vibrancy, Killarney’s parade promises to bring a smile to the faces of all who attend.

A woman in a green costume with beady eyes on top of her head


The city is set to come to life with colour and creativity in celebration of our patron saint. With plenty of events happening across the weekend, there’ll be no shortage of exciting things to see and do.

The reinvented St. Patrick’s Day parade will highlight all of the fun, culture and theatrics that Belfast has to offer. With help from local artists and communities, you can look forward to a fantastic day of celebration this year.

A woman in a green dress and the clover as her headpiece

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