The Best of Waterford with Gareth & Alex From Love to Learn

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Exploring Waterford: A Language School’s Insider Guide

In a recent interview with the owners of Love to Learn Language School in Waterford, I delved into the heart of the city to uncover its hidden gems and sought their insights on the best local experiences. The conversation covered everything from the coziest pub to the tastiest eats and the most vibrant festivals. Here’s a glimpse of our conversation:

The Best Pub in Waterford

Jordan’s Bar emerged as the top pick. Established in 1948, this family-run pub exudes old-world charm and is a quintessential part of Waterford’s urban scene. With its traditional style and warm welcome, Jordan’s Bar is not just a pub; it’s an experience. Tuesday nights transform into a musical haven with “Jordan’s Rig-Out,” where local talents showcase their skills, singing blues, traditional, and original tunes.

The Best Restaurant

The Burger Truck takes the spotlight for its delectable burgers and loaded fries. Located on O’Connell Street in the Phoenix Yard Street Food Market, it’s a haven for those seeking a flavorful and satisfying culinary experience.

The Best Festival in Waterford

According to the owners, the Winterval Christmas Festival steals the show. Returning for its 11th year, this magical celebration transforms Waterford into a winter wonderland from November 17th to December 23rd. Organised by Waterford City and County Council, Winterval 2023 promises a spectacular array of attractions, from Santa’s arrival to Winterval On Ice, a Helter Skelter, a Carousel, the Winterval Circus, Glow, a Lego Exhibition, and much more. It’s a festive extravaganza for all ages.

Why Students Should Come to Waterford

The Love to Learn Language School offers a compelling reason. Beyond language education, they provide an array of tours, including exciting activities like surfing. Situated in the heart of Waterford City, Love to Learn has been a dedicated language and grinds academy for over a decade. With certified and qualified teachers, easy application processes, native-level instructors, and both blended and online learning options, they ensure that learning is not only effective but also exciting and engaging.


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