The Alternative City List – 3 Must-Visit Cities & Towns in Ireland that DOESN’T Include Dublin, Kerry & Cork (Kind of..)

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When it comes to exploring Ireland, the usual suspects like Dublin, Kerry, and Cork (City) often steal the spotlight. However, for those seeking a more offbeat and equally amazing experience, we present “The Alternative City List.” Here are three must-visit cities and towns that promise a unique Irish adventure, away from the well-trodden tourist paths.

Limerick: A City Steeped in History and Rugby Passion

Limerick, located on the banks of the River Shannon, is a city that effortlessly blends its rich history with a fervent passion for rugby. At the heart of this medieval gem stands King John’s Castle, a testament to the city’s enduring legacy. Explore its storied walls and take in panoramic views of the surroundings. For a taste of authentic Irish cuisine, the Curragower Bar offers a riverside setting, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Sports enthusiasts can delve into the country’s rugby heritage at the International Rugby Experience, while those seeking the ambiance of a bygone era can enjoy a pint at JJ Bowles, Limerick’s oldest pub.

Cobh: A Maritime Beauty with a Colorful Charm

Perched on the shores of Cork Harbor, Cobh is a town that captivates with its maritime beauty and vibrant charm. The Titanic Memorial Garden pays homage to history, providing a poignant reflection on the town’s connection to the ill-fated ship. A stroll through the Deck of Cards, a row of houses painted in a range of vibrant colors, offers a visual feast. St. Colman’s Cathedral is a sight to behold & one not to be missed, while the Quays Bar beckons with delightful meals against the backdrop of the bustling harbor. Explore the maritime history further at the Titanic Experience, or take control of your adventure with Cork Harbour Boat Hire. Wrap up your day at Kellys Bar, a cosy pub exuding local warmth.

Waterford: Where History, Art, and Adventure Converge

Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city, seamlessly intertwines history, art, and adventure. Begin your exploration at Waterford Treasures, where centuries of heritage come to life through captivating exhibits. The annual Waterford Walls Festival showcases the city’s vibrant street art scene, adding a contemporary touch to its storied past. For culinary delights, the Phoenix Yard Market offers a variety of food trucks to satisfy your taste buds. Adventure seekers can catch the waves at Tramore Surf School, while those inclined toward a different kind of spirit can tour the Waterford Distillery. Wrap up your day at Jordan’s Bar, savoring the essence of Waterford over a well-deserved pint in the heart of this historically rich city.


3 Places to visit in Ireland 🇮🇪 Limerick 💚 📍Visit King John’s Castle 📍Food at The Curragower Bar 📍Visit the International Rugby Experience 📍Grab a pint at JJ Bowles Cobh 💚 📍 Visit the Titanic Memorial Garden 📍Visit the Deck of Cards 📍Visit St. Colman’s Cathedral 📍Food at The Quays bar 📍Visit the Titanic Experience
📍Rent a Self Drive Boat 📍Grab a Pint at Kelly’s Bar Waterford 💚 📍Visit Waterford Treasures 📍Visit Waterford Walls Festival 📍Food at Phoenix Yard Market 📍Book surf lessons at Tramore Surf School 📍Visit Waterford Distillery 📍Grab a pint at Jordan’s Bar #Travel2ireland #ireland #discoverireland #tourismireland #failteireland

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