The 2023 Sports Direct FAI Cup Final: Bohemians vs. St. Patrick’s Athletic

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Get ready for an action-packed showdown as two of Ireland’s football giants, Bohemians and St. Patrick’s Athletic, go head to head in the highly anticipated 2023 Sports Direct FAI Cup Final. This grand football spectacle is set to unfold on Sunday, November 12th, at the iconic Aviva Stadium, promising an afternoon of thrilling action and pure sporting drama.

Kick-Off: 15:00

Mark your calendars for this exciting clash, as the action kicks off at 15:00.

Home vs. Away: The Battle for Glory

Bohemians and St. Patrick’s Athletic are no strangers to each other, making this final even more exciting. Bohemians have been designated as the home team for this year’s final, while St. Patrick’s Athletic will carry the title of the away side. The stage is set for a fascinating showdown as these two teams battle for supremacy on the grandest stage of Irish football.

Stand Allocation

When it comes to the stands, Bohemians fans will be making their presence felt in the South Stand, meanwhile, St. Patrick’s Athletic supporters will occupy the North Stand, adding their voices to the symphony of football fervor in the stadium.

A Day to Remember

The 2023 Sports Direct FAI Cup Final promises to be a memorable occasion for football enthusiasts, both young and old.

Tickets start at €20 and can be purchased here. Mark the date in your calendar, this is a match you won’t want to miss!

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