Stride for Mental Health: Join the Aware Harbour2Harbour Walk this St. Patrick’s Day

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This St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17th, lace up your walking shoes and join the Aware Harbour2Harbour Walk—a celebration of community, wellness, and support for mental health. As an official event partner of the St. Patrick’s Festival, this walk promises to be a highlight of the festivities, bringing together more than 2,500 fervent walkers for a 26-kilometer trek over Dublin Bay’s breathtaking coastline.

One City, One Festival Programme:

This year, the Aware Harbour2Harbour Walk is proud to be part of the St. Patrick’s Festival’s One City, One Festival Programme. Participants can choose to start their adventure from either Howth or Dun Laoghaire Harbour, with both routes culminating at the opposite harbor. It’s an opportunity to explore the beauty of Dublin’s coastline while supporting a worthy cause.

For a registration fee of €25, walkers not only set out on a physical challenge but also contribute to a vital cause—all proceeds from the event will go towards funding Aware’s free mental health services, tickets can be purchased here. By participating, you’re not only benefiting your own well-being but also helping to ensure that support is available for those affected by depression and bipolar disorder across Ireland.

The Aware Harbour2Harbour Walk isn’t just about fitness—it’s a chance to gather friends and family, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow walkers. Whether you join as part of a group or as an individual, you’ll be welcomed into a community of friendly faces, all united in their commitment to mental health awareness and support.

Aware is committed to sustainability, and participants are encouraged to contribute by reusing their Aware Harbour2Harbour t-shirt from previous events. This small act helps reduce waste and reduces the environmental footprint of the walk, aligning with the values of community and responsibility.

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