Stocking Fillers: Five New Books by Irish Authors

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Christmas is approaching quickly and there’s not much time left to get the shopping done. Whether you’ve left it all last minute or you’re looking for something extra to add to the stockings, you can’t go wrong with a great read. We’ve found five 2021 books by Irish authors, so you can treat someone special to some Irish literature this year.

Stocking Fillers: Five New Books by Irish Authors

We Don’t Know Ourselves – Fintan O’Toole

New Books by Irish Authors

Fintan O’Toole’s We Don’t Know Ourselves takes readers on a journey through Ireland’s history from the perspective of the author himself. Starting from his birth in Crumlin in 1958, O’Toole recalls major events throughout the years from his own perspective.

This is an authentic and personal account of Ireland’s transformation, highlighting significant historical, political and social changes over the decades. The book looks back on Ireland’s hardships and victories, from the troubles and the Pope’s 1979 visit right up to the 2018 ‘Repeal the 8th’ referendum –exploring feminism, gay rights and much more along the way.

Sorry For Your Trouble: The Irish Way of Death – Ann Marie Hourihane

New Books by Irish Authors

Ann Marie Hourihane gives some honest insight into the Irish way of coping with death, looking into the somewhat strange traditions that have become the norm in Ireland.

Speaking to a range of interesting characters and professionals, she explores life, death and what comes after from all angles.

From the Irish wake and bittersweet celebrations of the individual life to the broader picture, Sorry For Your Trouble explores it all. Hourihane speaks to people working to prevent suicide and specialists committed to locating the remains of people ‘disappeared’ by the IRA, encompassing all there is to know about the Irish approach towards death.

This Day in Irish History – Padraic Coffey

New Books by Irish Authors

Ireland is rich with history, and we all know about the monumental events like the Easter Rising and the Good Friday Agreement – but what about the less conventional goings-on?

Padraic Coffey gives us the lowdown on some noteworthy events in Irish history that may not have made it into the school books. From the invention of the hypodermic needle to the first ever female stockbroker, Ireland has some impressive achievements that have gone under the radar.

Enjoy this day-by-day account of Irish history in politics, medicine, music, sport and innovation.

Beautiful World, Where Are You – Sally Rooney

New Books by Irish Authors

The best-selling author of Normal People is back this year with her latest novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

Sally Rooney’s newest story follows the lives of four young people from Dublin. Novelist Alice meets warehouse worker Felix, and the pair embark on a trip to Rome together. Back home, childhood friends Eileen and Simon navigate a complicated relationship.

Going through the motions, from love and lust to heartbreak and all the complications that come with friendship, they must learn to live in a world that can be difficult, confusing and –of course– beautiful.

Dublin: In Sketches and Stories – Roisín Curé

New Books by Irish Authors

Roisín Curé captures the spirit of Dublin in words and images, as she sketches all of her favourite spots around the city. Using each of her senses, she encapsulates all the weird and wonderful elements of Ireland’s capital.

Trust the Irish to really convey the stories and characters of Dublin in their rawest and most intimate form, as the Galway-born artist and author celebrates Irish culture in over 100 artworks.

This is the perfect gift for the tourist looking to get a feel for Dublin before their visit, or those who have already been and want to remember the city fondly.

Which Irish book is on your wish list this year? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly
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