Shaken, Not Stirred…in St Patrick’s: James Bond-007 Movie Themes in a Cathedral Setting

He’s cropped up pretty much everywhere since debuting on the big screen in Dr No in 1962 – from Kowloon and Macau, to Hawaii and the pyramids of Egypt – but the world’s most famous secret agent is now set for a candlelit stint in St Patrick’s Cathedral next month, no less.

While it’s highly unlikely either Daniel Craig or Ursula Andress will emerge dripping from the cathedral’s font at any point, what is promised is a full West End cast of singers, accompanied by a live band, performing all the hits from the Bond movies in a unique candlelit setting. Literally, Bond as you’ve never witnessed before.

When: Saturday, October 8, 2022

Where: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Time: 8pm

Admission Price: €25-€50

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