Save The Night! Jägermeister Collab With The Shed Residents to Bring Dublin Club Night

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The Shed Residents, the Dublin-based underground collective on a mission to save Dublin’s party scene, have been chosen by Jägermeister to host an epic #SAVETHENIGHT Dublin Night Club on Friday, September 29th in the largest underground club in Dublin, Here & Now. The group of friends, who came together during lockdown through their passion for clubbing, will curate Ireland’s first-ever SAVE THE NIGHT event in Dublin, part of a global campaign from Jägermeister to support and celebrate The Night!

Renowned Berlin-based DJ, Dr. Rubinstein, will headline, alongside a roster of incredible Irish DJs. Start the night off with a complimentary Ice Cold Shot of Jägermeister (for those who arrive before 12:00) then lose yourself in the music, dance until the early hours, and help Jägermeister to support and celebrate Ireland nightlife. 

Jägermeister’s global #SAVETHENIGHT initiative was launched in 2020 to support nightlife communities during COVID-19 and since then has supported more than 1,500 artists, creatives, and bartenders across over 60 countries. It helps raise awareness for the challenges faced by thousands of creatives, as well as the clubbers, who deeply miss going out and celebrating the night, due to a struggling nightlife industry. 

The Shed Residents have made their mark on the scene, hosting a series of club nights last summer. Their rapid success is a testament to the abundance of talent in Ireland and reflects the demand for a more extensive Dublin club scene. Co-founder, Steven McCabe said “Despite the obvious challenges we face, there is a thriving nightlife community here who are putting in hard work and trying to tap into the great potential the sector has.  Four out of five nightclubs have closed since 2020. #SAVETHENIGHT sets out to protect and preserve nightlife culture in Ireland, giving creatives like us the platform to connect with our audience, creating the best nights possible. Come, lose yourself in the moment and help us celebrate and support Ireland’s nightlife industry.”

#SAVETHENIGHT sets out to support Irish creatives like The Shed Residents by helping them host the best nights, now and into the future. According to Laura Butler Synnott, Brand Manager for Jägermeister Ireland,The night is more than a time of day – it’s a space for freedom, fun, authenticity, and this is precisely why it is such an essential part of Irish culture and one worth saving. As a brand deeply rooted in nightlife, it is our mission to support creatives like The Shed Residents who are instrumental in shaping Ireland’s nightlife landscape, both today and tomorrow”.  Tickets cost €10 plus booking fee and can be purchased here.

SAVETHE NIGHT event in Dublin
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