Rolling Bike Rave Returns


If you’re in the mood for some high-energy fun and pulsating beats, mark your calendars for the upcoming Rolling Bike Rave, set to take place at 2 pm on Sunday at the iconic clock tower on Grangegorman Lower. This unique event, hosted by Dom Whitings Drum & Bass, promises an unforgettable afternoon of music, biking, and pure adrenaline.

The Rolling Bike Rave is an innovative fusion of two exciting worlds: biking and electronic dance music. Participants bring their bicycles and gather at the Grangegorman Lower clock tower for a fun-filled and electrifying experience. Picture a swarm of enthusiastic cyclists, adorned in colorful outfits, ready to pedal their way through a musical journey.

Important Information

  • Date and Time: Sunday 17th, at 2 pm.
  • Location: Grangegorman Lower, by the clock tower.
  • Admission: The event is open to all and free of charge. Just bring your bike, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude.


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