Roe & Co Whiskey Distillery launches annual Summer Garden Experience

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The 2024 summer season at the Power House Garden is finally here! From June to September, join Roe & Co as some of Dublin’s most exciting vendors, El Milagro, Street by Sunil, The Salt Project and Socafro Kitchen take over the distillery in their beautiful, outdoor Power House Garden. Expect delicious tasting menus matched with Roe & Co cocktails as part of the experience!

These culinary and culturally diverse vendors will bring a flavour of their food experiences to the Power House Garden while the Distillery team create new and interesting cocktail pairings to accompany these foods of the world, proving the accessibility and creativity of Roe & Co Whiskey. 

The Summer Garden Lineup


El Milagro is set to kick off the Summer Garden pop-up series with a bright menu of authentic Mexican dishes brought to you by Julian Trejo Pascual and his mother, Maribel who are originally from Mexico City. El Milagro combines traditional Mexican cooking, sauces from scratch and tortillas made from native Creole corn along with the best of Irish ingredients.

The flavours of their dishes will be accompanied by curated cocktails including a Roe & Co version of the famous Mexican staple, horchata – a popular drink enjoyed on hot days with spicy food that has slightly sweet and nutty flavour along with hints of cinnamon, sesame seeds and coconut.


Multi-award winning chef Sunil Ghai, of Pickle restaurant fame, will take over the Summer Garden in July, and with wife Leena, will bring a focus on traditional recipes from their childhoods in India. At Street, a super team of chefs have come from different regions of India with a burning passion for cooking as they’ve spent many years perfecting curries, biryanis, tandoori breads and kebabs, roasting spices and making spice mixes.

They know the importance of flavour and make all the pickles and chutneys in-house. Well known for his expertise on spice, Sunil will be working closely with Roe & Co bartenders to develop cocktail pairings that will incorporate Sunil’s unique spice collection and Streets homemade lassis recipes.


Founded by Kildare-based Chef, Caomhán de Bri takes a fresh new approach to street food with his nomadic food trailer that has travelled coast to coast popping up in scenic locations all over Ireland. Caomhán has worked in professional kitchens for over a decade, including a year in London in Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Maze.

Having grown up with a huge appreciation and respect for food, passed down to him by his parents, Caomhán’s menus have always had a strong focus on food provenance. Visitors to The Salt Project can expect an offering that consists of a series of Blaisíní (small bites) dishes that have been specially designed to showcase locally grown and artisan ingredients from small scale producers specific to each region.


Socafro Kitchen, a bustling street food venture in Waterford City, is founded by Alistair Jeje who offers an enticing fusion of Caribbean and Nigerian flavours that play homage to his roots. Socafro brings vibrant flavours of Afro-Carribean cuisine together to create a unique menu fusing the bold, spicy flavours of the Carribean with the soulful, hearty dishes of West Africa. From mouth-watering jerk chicken to their savoury jollof rice, each dish will transport your taste buds to the tropics.

Socafro takes pride in sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, prepared with the utmost care to ensure the most fresh and most authentic dishes possible. Alistair joins Roe & Co in September ahead of the launch of his debut cookbook ‘Socafro’.

Opening Hours & Pricing

The Summer Garden Series will run every Thursday – Saturday, with 6pm and 8pm seatings. Booking in advance is recommended, and you can do so here.

As for pricing, it’s €45 per person for a set food menu. You can explore a curated cocktail menu, created to perfectly pair alongside each dish, for an additional €35 per person.

As Roe & Co are supporting local restaurants, they will not be able to offer a drinks only service in the garden during the food pop up period.

Visit roeandcowhiskey.com for more information.

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