Roe & Co-ffee Day! Celebrate Irish Coffee Day at Roe & Co

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The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the smooth, velvety notes of Roe & Co Irish Whiskey – welcome to the celebration of Irish Coffee Day on Thursday, 25th January! While the world raises a cup to this iconic beverage, there’s no better way to partake in the festivities than by indulging in a cup of Roe & Co Irish Coffee, a contemporary twist on a classic concoction.

The origins of Irish coffee can be traced back to the small town of Rineanna, located by the Flying Boat terminal at Foynes Airport in Limerick. In 1942, Joe Sheridan, a skilled chef, found himself working at a restaurant that catered to passengers on transatlantic flights, including notable figures from Hollywood and politics during World War II. On a stormy evening when a flight had to turn back, Joe improvised by adding a drop of whiskey to warm up the chilled passengers. Little did he know that this simple act would give birth to a global phenomenon that we now celebrate every year on Irish Coffee Day.

Step into the world of Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, a premium spirit distilled at the Roe & Co Distillery in Dublin 8. To mark this special day, indulge in the perfect blend of history and innovation with Roe & Co’s version of the Original Irish Coffee recipe, crafted by Colin, their resident Distillery Brand Ambassador.

Roe & Co. stands as a contemporary Irish whiskey, boldly positioned at the premium end of the Irish Whisky category. Distilled under the watchful eye of Head Distiller Lora Hemy at the Roe & Co Distillery, the brand is actively reimagining every aspect of the whiskey-making process in Ireland. Collaborating with bartenders, Roe & Co adds layers of bold, vibrant flavor to the traditional taste, creating a bottle that is as modern and distinct as the brand itself.

So, whether you’re a seasoned whiskey enthusiast or a casual coffee lover, join the global celebration of Irish Coffee Day with Roe & Co, a brand that encapsulates the spirit of innovation while honoring the rich history behind every sip. Cheers to warmth, tradition, and the perfect cup of Irish Roe & Co-ffee!

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