Rebels on Film: Cork International Film Festival 2023 Begins


Prepare for a cinematic extravaganza at the Cork International Film Festival 2023, which kicks off this week. With a mission to showcase Ireland’s best films and emerging talents, this event is a standout in the country’s film culture.

Diverse Film Selection:

From international features to Irish documentaries and shorts, the festival offers a diverse range of films. It even caters to niche interests with programs like Culinary Cinema, Green Screen (environmental films), Guilty Pleasures (cult classics), and Illuminate (mental health-related films).

Platform for New Voices:

The festival welcomes various forms of film production and seeks innovative works that push boundaries and celebrate excellence in filmmaking. It boasts 11 awards, three of which are Academy Award qualifying.

Global Recognition:

The Cork International Film Festival is accredited by esteemed Awards Academies, including the Academy Awards® and BAFTA. Winning specific categories can lead to Academy Award consideration.


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