Quality Treats! 5 of the Most Unique Christmas Gifts

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With Christmas quickly approaching, choosing the ideal present for a certain someone can be rather challenging. Fortunately, travel2ireland has got you covered! Over the past 12 months, we have traveled the length and breadth of Ireland and have compiled a list of 5 of the most original gift ideas that are guaranteed to please!

1. Caterham 7 Driving Experience: Unleash Your Inner Speedster!

  • Location: Se7ens Car Hire, on the outskirts of Belfast.
  • Description: Dive into the world of pure, exhilarating driving with Se7ens Car Hire’s family-run Caterham 7 experience.
  • Feel the Thrill:
    • Zip through Northern Ireland’s landscapes in this lightweight sports car.
    • Conveniently located near airports and harbors for a seamless adventure.
    • Explore the scenic Mournes, conquer the Causeway Coast, or drift through the Fermanagh Lakes. Book your adventure here.
    • (Important to note that although the car is based in Belfast it can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Ireland.)

2. Salt Cave Paradise: A Tranquil Oasis by the Sea

  • Location: Dublin, beside Balbriggan beach.
  • Description: Jump into the serenity at Salt Cave Paradise, a spa offering a unique blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Escape to Bliss:
    • Dive into saltwater bathing pools and heated beach areas.
    • Unwind in massage chairs on the salt beach, then rejuvenate in the sauna. Book your spa day here.
    • Family-friendly options, including a special room for six and a new jacuzzi rooftop.

3. Cork Harbour Boat Hire: Navigate Your Own Adventure!

  • Location: Cobh, Ireland.
  • Description: Take the helm of your adventure with Cork Harbour Boat Hire, offering self-drive boats for a scenic tour.
  • Maritime Marvels:
    • Sightseeing along Cobh’s Seaside Promenade, Spike Island, and Cork Harbour. Book your adventure here.
    • Ideal for families and groups, providing a unique and leisurely boating experience.

4. Vintage Tea Trips: Sip, Snack, and Sparkle in Dublin!

  • Location: Dublin.
  • Afternoon Tea Trip:
    • Delight in afternoon tea with a twist, accompanied by the crooning tunes of yesteryear.
  • Christmas Twinkling Lights Trip:
    • Experience Dublin’s Fair City in all its sparkling splendor during the festive season.
  • Irish Elegance: Elevate your tea time with an Irish touch, surrounded by Christmas lights and merry melodies. Book your tour here.

5. Experience Irish Whiskey: A Tantalizing Journey for the Tastebuds

  • Location: Dublin, Galway, and Killarney.
  • Whiskey Wonderland:
    • Embark on a sensory adventure with traditional Irish Whiskey Tasting.
    • Guided distillery tours, whiskey walks, masterclasses, and bespoke experiences await.
  • Meet the Expert: Derek King, a whiskey connoisseur, leads the way through Ireland’s rich whiskey culture.
  • Liquid Gold: Explore hidden gems and distillery exclusives for a truly immersive whiskey experience. Book your tasting tour here.

As the holiday season approaches, consider gifting more than just wrapped packages—gift experiences that promise memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping Caterham 7 Driving Experience, the tranquil escape of Salt Cave Paradise, the leisurely adventure with Cork Harbour Boat Hire, the refined charm of Vintage Tea Trips, or the journey through Irish Whiskey, these unique Christmas gifts in Ireland cater to a spectrum of interests. This Christmas, let your gifts speak volumes about the thoughtfulness and creativity invested in making the festive season truly special for your loved ones.

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Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
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