Pups in the Park? Yes Please, Pretty Please!

A stage with alphabets and words in red Pups in the Park and a dog sitting on the stage bench

I have always thought that the world was divided into two distinct categories. Those who love dogs, and those who don’t. If you, like me, belong to the former category (read love anything dogs, always scrolling for dog and puppies related content and videos), we have some happy news. The dates for Pup in the Park 2023 have been announced.

Pups in the Park takes place at Dublin and Cork. In Dublin, the much-anticipated event will be held at Marlay Park, on April 22nd and 23rd. In Cork, it will be held at the Cork Show grounds, on April 29th and 30th.

A cocker spaniel cross with brown soft hair and adorned with a cap sits on the grassy lawn at Pups in the Park event from last year

For those who are new to the event, and are wondering what it entails (apart from gorgeous pooches and their lovely owners of course), here are all the details.

There’s the Leader in the Main Arena, Agility Arena, Obedience Ring, Village Vets Talk Pets, the Great Dog Walk, DSPA Dog Show and Sniffari, plus a Hale Bale Race and a Puppy Play Pen!

Two wets holding two dogs or pups each in their hands and they are wearing blue uniforms. All pups seem to be cocker spaniels with long, silky years and are brown in colour

There’s also the talk stage that will play host to veterinary and canine experts including Pete Wedderburn and more. They’ll be hosting talks and masterclasses on everything from training, behaviour, health, and enrichment. Pups in the Park promises that the Talk Stage schedule will include all the tools you need to make sure that your BFF (best furry friend) is living their best life.

Dog owners will be able to treat themselves too – with food vendors and stalls aplenty at the venue. Not to mention all the shopping they will be tempted to do at the retail village which is going to consist of over 50 exhibitors selling dog accessories, food, apparel, toys and more.

Here’s a handy link like always so that you can get your tickets and the tiniest of details.

(P.S. You can buy tickets for the event even if you don’t own a dog currently.)