Portmarnock Golf Club Votes to Allow Women Members

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In Portmarnock Golf Club’s long history of 127 years, the club has been exclusively men members only. Yesterday, a vote was decided to allow female members.

A vote was put to its members if they would like to allow females to become members, the vote saw 83.4% in favour of the change and 16.6% voting against.

“I welcome this decision and hope women in the community now take up golf and perhaps in future we’ll see even more women go pro.” Catherine Martin, Minister of Sport

The former Rule 3 at the club stated that: “The club shall consist of members and associate members who shall be gentlemen properly elected and who shall conform with the rules of amateur status.”

The section ”who shall be gentlemen” will now be removed.

Portmarnock Golf Club women members
Portmarnock Club House
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