A Salty Paradise In North County Dublin

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Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Balbriggan, Dublin lies a hidden gem that offers a unique and rejuvenating experience – “Salt Cave Paradise”. This enchanting sanctuary is designed to transport visitors to a world of relaxation and wellness, drawing upon the healing properties of the Himalayan Black Salt of Transylvania.

Salt Cave Paradise is part of a larger organisation that has saltwater therapy and halotherapy at the heart of its mission. Located on Railway Street, Balbriggan. Salt Cave Halotherapy offers salt therapy sessions for adults and children.

The Adults room fits 4 people, and the Family room fits 10 people.

The Salt Cave Experience

Upon entering Balbriggan’s Salt Cave, visitors are immediately struck by the tranquil and ethereal ambiance. The cave’s walls exude a soft, warm glow when illuminated, creating a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Benefits of Salt Cave Paradise

Pain Relief – Due to the healing properties of salt water, saltwater therapy can aid with pain relief.

Joint Ailments – Saltwater Therapy can help alleviate the painful effects of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Skin Conditions – Due to its antibacterial qualities, salt can effectively neutralize the allergens and irritants that cause your skin to generally react.

You will get better sleep – Relaxing your mind in the spa session will help you get better rest and better quality of sleep.

The Healing Power of Salt Therapy

The primary goal of salt therapy is to improve respiratory and skin conditions, making it an excellent option for those suffering from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory issues. The dry, salty air of the cave works as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract and improve mucus clearance.

Furthermore, the microscopic salt particles in the air have a purifying effect, removing allergens and pollutants from the respiratory system, which can lead to a decreased frequency and severity of respiratory symptoms.

Who can benefit from Salt Therapy?

One of the most appealing aspects of salt therapy is that it is safe and suitable for people of all ages. Whether you’re an adult seeking relaxation or a parent seeking relief for your child’s respiratory ailments, Salt Cave offers an inclusive and holistic approach to well-being.

Additional Amenities

Beyond the enchanting interiors of the Salt Cave in Balbriggan, Dublin lies a hidden oasis on the upstairs level that takes the relaxation and wellness experience to new heights. This extraordinary space offers customers the unique opportunity to indulge in a range of invigorating activities, including an outdoor jacuzzi, an ice bath, and a rejuvenating steam room.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

As you ascend to the upstairs area of the Salt Cave, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a luxurious outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by lush greenery, providing an idyllic and serene setting. The warm, bubbling waters of the jacuzzi beckon guests to immerse themselves in a state of complete relaxation, complimentary drinks are on offer beside the jacuzzi.

Paradise Balbriggan Dublin

Ice Bath

For those seeking a burst of invigoration, the ice bath provides a refreshing experience. Plunging into the icy waters after the warmth of the jacuzzi may seem daunting, but the benefits are unparalleled.

Sauna Area

Completing the trifecta of relaxation is the sauna area, a time-honored wellness tradition. Step into the steamy embrace of the room and feel the gentle mist envelop your body.

the sauna area can be incredibly soothing for the mind. The experience can help reduce stress and promote mental clarity, leaving you with a sense of calm and well-being.

3 Salt Water Pools, where you can float in hot water

Salt Beaches

Infrared therapy

https://www.saltcaveparadise.ie/salt-therapy (More Info Here)

Family Room

Hot salt water pools where kids can float

https://www.saltcaveparadise.ie/family-therapy (More Info Here)

The Ultimate Wellness Experience

The combination of the outdoor jacuzzi, ice bath, and steam room upstairs in the Salt Cave creates an all-encompassing wellness experience. Visitors can embark on a journey of contrasts, moving from the warm, embracing waters of the jacuzzi to the invigorating chill of the ice bath, and finally, to the enveloping warmth of the steam room.


Balbriggan’s Salt Cave in Dublin offers far more than the name suggests. The upstairs area is a hidden treasure, providing guests with the opportunity to transcend into a world of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. The outdoor jacuzzi, ice bath, and steam room blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable wellness experience, leaving visitors feeling replenished, revitalized, and ready to take on the world with renewed energy and serenity.

Whether you’re seeking a momentary escape from the stresses of life or looking to pamper yourself with a unique wellness indulgence, the Salt Cave in Balbriggan promises an extraordinary journey into the realm of tranquility and well-being.

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