Netflix Film, ‘Irish Wish’ set to Bring Huge Tourism Boost to Ireland in 2024, as Searches Soar

Irish Wish

Whether you loved it or cringed your way through it, the Netflix film ‘Irish Wish’ is making waves and increasing interest in visiting Ireland. Particularly, the locations of Lough Tay and Cliffs of Moher are capturing the attention of viewers.

The film, which marks actress Lindsay Lohan’s comeback role, has sparked a surge in searches for ‘Lough Tay’ lake, up a staggering 1253%. The Cliffs of Moher are also experiencing an 85% increase in searches.

Travel trends are becoming increasingly dynamic, with more than half of travellers admitting to researching or booking a trip after seeing a location featured in a TV show or movie.

In light of this, new data from Bókun, the Booking Management Software Provider, reveals the impact that the new Netflix movie ‘Irish Wish’ is having on tourism in Ireland.

The movie has already soared to the top spot in numerous countries, sparking a buzz around the breathtaking scenery featured. By analysing Google search volumes, Bókun was able to draw travel insights from the trends observed over the last 30 days.

The internet is ablaze with commentary as viewers follow Maddie’s journey from bridesmaid to bride after a spontaneous true love wish, all set in Ireland. In a staggering surge, Google searches for ‘Lough Tay’ have experienced a 1253% increase over the past week, with fans desperate to visit the location where Maddie makes her life-altering wish.

The increase in Google traffic showcases not only the popularity of the movie itself but also the continued growth and impact that television and film popularity can have on the tourism industry and consumers’ purchasing habits.

Daniel Hasselbach, UK Country Manager of Bókun, said:

“The influence pop culture has on tourism is a fascinating phenomenon that continues to shape travel trends globally. We’ve witnessed this earlier in the year with Saltburn and One Day, where on-screen magic translates into real-world tourism, breathing new life into destinations. At Bókun, we are excited to see how this trend unfolds and contributes to the tourism industry’s broader evolution.”

One of the other breakout locations from the movie appears to be the ‘Cliffs of Moher’, which has seen a sharp increase in searches, up 85% in the past week. The cliffs are approximately 14 km long and rise to 214 metres at their highest point, providing unparalleled views.

With global audiences showing a keen interest in these filming locations, could Ireland see even more tourism footfall in 2024?

Irish Wish is now available on Netflix.


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