Nations League 2024/25 Draw: England and Republic of Ireland Drawn Together in Group B2


The draw for the 2024/25 Nations League has brought an intriguing matchup as England and the Republic of Ireland find themselves drawn together in Group B2. This pairing revives memories of their last encounter during a friendly in November 2020, where England secured a 3-0 victory at Wembley. Ireland will face England at home in the first Nation’s League game.

Joining them in Group B2 are Finland and Greece, promising an exciting series of matches ahead. With both England and the Republic of Ireland eager to showcase their talents on the international stage, football fans can anticipate thrilling clashes between these neighboring nations.

The upcoming Nations League fixtures offer an opportunity for teams to test their mettle and vie for supremacy in European football. As anticipation builds for the tournament, all eyes will be on Group B2 to see which team can emerge with Irish eyes particularly looking forward to hosting England at the Aviva Stadium.

Stay tuned for updates and match schedules as the Nations League 2024/25 draws closer.

Ireland rugby 2023


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