Midsummer in Cork Offers Something for Everyone


The streets of Cork city have been transformed into a vibrant stage as the Cork Midsummer Festival kicked off over the past few days.

The annual arts festival embraces the city as its canvas, offering a wide range of high-quality arts events for people of all ages, both from national and international artists.

However, if avant-garde performances aren’t your cup of tea, Cork Live at the Marquee is hosting a series of fantastic gigs, so Cork is still the place to be this week! Let’s take a look at some of the festival highlights and Live at the Marque updates for the upcoming days:

Islands of Foam Date: June 25 Location: John Redmond St in Shandon

German artist Stephanie Lüning will magically transform John Redmond St into an ocean of multi-coloured rainbow-dyed foam. Created using water, biodegradable soap, and food colouring, this vibrant foam will cover the streets, leaving no trace once it dissipates.

The Settling by Gavin McEntee Dates: June 18-22 Location: The Granary

In this captivating new play, titled “The Settling,” fantasy and reality intertwine as an old man’s buried actions resurface from the recesses of his mind. Presented by Broken Crow, a collective of talented theatre artists based in Cork, Waterford, and Kilkenny, this production promises to deliver a high-quality, original theatrical experience.

Creepy Parade/Egg: Collection of Emotions Dates: June 14-25 Location: Grand Parade

Japanese artist Seiko Hayase brings site-specific live art and installations to the streets of Cork. The “Creepy Parade” is a mesmerizing street performance featuring five performers and live Irish pipe musicians wearing distinctive ‘brain hats.’ Together, they explore the visual representation of emotions that are trapped within our bodies, as they choose to express themselves through dance on the streets.

The Wind that Shakes the Wig Date: June 24 Location: Cork Arts Theatre

Join Candy Warhol, one of Ireland’s most captivating drag acts, in a glittering show that reignites her love for her homeland. Guided by her spirit companion, Saint Marian Mary The 6th, Candy embarks on a queer crusade to celebrate Ireland’s national icons, connecting with her own camp identity. Get ready for a mesmerizing journey down the yellow brick road, filled with craic, ceol, and the realization that “There’s No Place Like Abhaile!”

Trojans Dates: June 22-25 Location: Warehouse at Marina Market

Prepare to be enthralled by ground-breaking dance by renowned choreographer Philip Connaughton in a thrilling interpretation of Virgil’s epic poem, The Aeneid. This captivating performance, set to an exhilarating electronic score, explores timeless and contemporary themes of war, migration, displacement, and identity. Through the power of movement and dance, this work invites the audience to reflect on their own experiences and the world around them.

Live at the Marquee updates:

June 29: Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams present their chart-topping and award-winning podcast, “My Therapist Ghosted Me,” live in Cork. Limited tickets are still available for the third and final night on June 29th.

June 20 & 21: Rod Stewart, the legendary musician, returns to the Marquee after 14 years. Catch him on June 20th or 21st, with limited tickets available for the 20th.

June 23: Jenny Greene and The RTÉ Concert Orchestra will embark on an exciting new chapter in their dance collaboration. Join them on June 23rd, along with special guests Gemma Sugrue, Paul Reid, and Jack O’Rourke.


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